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Life news brief】【Breeding ground】【Photos Of Our Birds

The young bird with becomes bird's difference

※Life news brief※

◎Transports the delivery truck◎
◎The waiting rides the airplane bird◎

※Breeding ground※

◎Breeding ground◎

※Photos Of Our Birds※

◎Photos Of Our Birds◎
鳳觀鳥園 鳳觀鳥園
鳳觀鳥園 鳳觀鳥園
鳳觀鳥園 鳳觀鳥園
鳳觀鳥園 鳳觀鳥園
鳳觀鳥園 鳳觀鳥園

※The young bird with becomes bird's difference※

Buy Baby Birds Or Adult Birds

1.The good to buy baby birds is baby birds are hand-fed by their owners when they are babies; they will not be afraid of human after growing up and be easy to be companions with their owners.  They also have the ability to know who are their feeders and be easier to train some skills like shaking hands, saying Hello and talking.  The faultiness is raisers have to spend much time to feed and take care the baby birds, the problem of survival, and the baby birds are easy to tell female or male.

2.The good to buy adult birds is the feather color of adult birds are more beautiful than that of baby and the feathers are not uneven but smooth.  Adult birds are not like baby birds which are hand-fed and taken care charily, just give fresh water and feed twice a week. Adult birds have breeding ability as well, so the buyers can be easy to discriminate male or female.  The faultiness is that owners can not play with them on the hands and they will be easier to fear their keepers.


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